Unwarranted Traffic Tickets Drive You Mad?

We all know that laws are created to keep society running smoothly and ensure people's safety. At the same time, there is nothing more frustrating than receiving a traffic ticket due to an honest mistake, or even worse, when the police appear to be targeting drivers at inopportune moments. Here are some of the most common occurrences of undeserved ticketing.
Speed Traps
You always spot them at the last second. Police who park near the exit lanes off the highway, which just happen to also be hills, making sudden slowing quite difficult. You may in the process of slowing to the desired speed limit just as they catch you speeding.
Radar Guns
Drivers have reported that the police's use of speed camera guns can be faulty. Radar guns do have their limitations. The biggest one is that to get an accurate reading the target should be the only moving target in the radar beam's path. Achieving that on a busy road is difficult, and requires some specialized training. Other sources of interference include the angle of the target relative to the radar gun, and other transmitters like cell phones and CB radios.
Minimal Speeding
When radar guns aren't involved in detecting drivers' speed, police opinion and subjectivity can often result in fines from drivers going less than 10 km per hour over the speed limit. Although you may be monitoring your speed, police may view your minimal speeding as a traffic violation and issue a fine.
Following the Flow of Traffic
While driving on the highway or on busy urban roads, the flow of traffic depends on drivers staying with the flow of traffic. This flow may be at a slightly higher speed than indicated. It can be overwhelming to be pulled over for speeding when you were going the same speed as the other driver in the flow of traffic.
Performance Standards
Placing quotas on the number of tickets issued is illegal, but there is nothing stopping the police force from establishing a performance standard for their employees.  Performance standards may entail averaging the amount of tickets everyone else writes and expecting officers to meet that standard.
Fight Your Traffic Ticket
Ticket911.ca lawyers are an experienced and professional team dedicated to getting your traffic tickets and demerit points dismissed or reduced. They contest your ticket on your behalf, saving you time and money. If you've experienced any of these situations or are facing impaired driving charges, Ticket911.ca can help.

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