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Greenland ice core prompts in the Earth’s next big melt

The international team of scientists has drilled down by 25 kilometers of ice of Greenland and discovered a surprising picture of the Earth’s last great melt. A picture that shows how today’s ice caps affect sea levels as the polar

New BC telescope to make 3D map of the universe mass

Canadian scientists have a telescope larger than six nhl hockey Rings mysterious dark energy and the expansion of the universe is expected to help understand the role… The $ 11 - million project at the Dominion Radio Built Ich Bing

Axes of the United States, “naked” X-ray airport scanners

These airport scanners with their all-too-revealing body images will soon be leaving UTransportation Security Administration says the X-ray equipment is gone by June. Because the company that makes them does not improve the privacy issuesThe scanners at airports other body

NYPD hopes to attend New York with criminal applications

A new application for smartphone released last month by the New York Police Department is fighting crime in the city’s five boroughs in the palm of your hand Available as a free download through Apple’s iTunes Store. This application allows

Goliath lobster arrives at new home in Montreal

Seven pounds of lobster was saved from the grocery store Quebec and settled in his new home in Montreal Biodome Jumbo crustaceans arrived for sale in the shop yoke cooked. Queeast of Montreal Society .. IGA manager Yves Lalonde in

Quinoa boom provides lessons hard food economy

It is so nutritious, NASA ensure that it is an integral part of the diet. They eat the astronautsThe President of the country that makes more than anywhere else on Earth calls it a “strategic asset”And the United Nations has

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