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Dollar lower on speculation the Fed move

InS. ..THe dollar fell against major currencies on Tuesday. Speculation that the Fed will announce new measures tomorrow to stimulate the U.S. Economy … The Canadian dollar closed up to 056 von einem Prozent bei 9821 cents The Fed’s regular

Багаті см. Світі ковзання багатство ……

Sellers of private jets, exotic sports cars and yachts in the world cruise can feel the pinch. As a percentage took a hit last year. Though a small The turmoil in financial markets and economic uncertainty was felt in the

Fertilizer company K S has the latest Sask. potash mine

KS German fertilizer company held a groundbreaking ceremony at the Saskatchewan Tuesday. For a resource - potassium - located 1.500 meters below the surface Work at the site of the first new potash mine in Saskatchewan for 40 years. Will

Obama says that the Europeans’ grasp seriousness, debt crisis…

YouSU.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday expressed confidence in Europe’s ability to “break the fever”. The debt crisis and the strong. Because he tried to calm the global financial markets and the concerns of voters and election-year home Obama. Speaking

Spain borrowing costs spike …

…, … Treasury raised € 339 billion euros ($ 437000000000 CDN) in 12 - and 18-month bills - more than its upper target of € 3 billion - and while the demand was robust. Borrowing costs jumped The interest rate

G20 sees developing countries to the rescue

The scene in Group recently completed of 20 summit held in a Mexican spa resort would have been unthinkable a decade ago: Hundreds of dignitaries gathered in opulent hotels of Cable and convention halls to forge an economic aid to

Bombardier Aerospace, said the new CSeries on track

He said the plane and train maker Quebec-based Bombardier aircraft Kshres new do not face any major production delays that must be prevented from making its first flight by the end of this year. On Tuesday “Yes, the CSeries program

Microsoft Surface: Tech giant’s latest attempt to crack lucrative market tablets

Decades, tablet computers and technology industry has been like a mirage: a great idea. The apparent horizon as a desperate hope to find a company closer to achieving…MIcrosoft has gone through this cycle of hope and despair many times The

Greek term saving change, says EU official

The euro rose on Tuesday as an official of the European Union suggests Greece should enjoy some indulgence in compliance with the terms of its international rescue 0 the euro was88 percent to $ 12688 U.S. In the late afternoon

U.S. dollar lower on speculation Fed’s move …

the U…SThe dollar fell against major currencies Tuesday on speculation the Federal Reserve will announce tomorrow a new action to stimulate the U.S. Economy Canadian dollar closed up to 098 at a rate of 56…21 cents U.S. … Regular two-day

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