Charleston Restoration Expert Retiring After An Amazing 40 Year Career

Ray Whitmer, the owner of Charleston Historic Restorations, Charleston Woodfinishing, and Wood Finishing School, has announced his retirement from businesses that have been in the family since 1888. Ray is known nationally for his vast expertise in r…

New Dating Advice Book Free Promotional Offer Ending Soon, Says Author

'On Sunday, I'll discontinue the free download of 'Hacked Relationship Advice' which was written specifically to help shy men work on themselves from the inside out,' says Carnahan. - - Having been officially launched a couple of days ago, and with 50…

Fatty Liver, Going, Going, Gone

Doctor's and scientist state that there are no medical or surgical treatments for Fatty Liver. Sweet Cheeks Colon Irrigation says that a natural [url=…

In an interview with BBC Scotland poll speaks English maroic

Pauline Marois says that a referendum once he is convinced Quebecers say. “Yes, Quebecois premier party gave a 15-minute English-language interview with BBC Scotland during her trip to the country Tuesday Sitting down with political correspondent Raymond Buchanan. Marois talked about her thoughts on separatism Buchanan asked what happened in the 1995 referendum and Maroys

RIM BlackBerry renamed as BB10 launches

Research Institute Motion released two smartphone Blatskberri 10 Wednesday. Banking on the hotly anticipated line of devices to save the company General Director Thorsten Heins launched simultaneous live event in New York. Toronto, London, Paris, Dubai. Johannesburg, Jakarta and New Delhi. With the announcement that the company and its universal product is becoming one and

Polluters faced with greater responsibility, offshore drilling leak

The federal government is set to bring in a new law to make companies pay more resources if they have a leak during offshore drilling Environment Minister Peter Kent told reporters this week his government is about to bring “significant” changes in the liability for polluters He will not go into detail. But said it

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