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OP ED — Organic: Food Justice for the 99%

Dr. Oz in Time Magazine Slanders Families Who Choose Safe, Organic Food for Their Children - - Cornucopia, WI — As Americans become increasingly aware of the story behind conventional foods—the ecologically destructive monocultu…

A Celebration of Hope—Transformational Concert in San Antonio Texas - December 16, 2020 at the Leon Springs Dance Hall -

SAN ANTONIO, TX - November 30, 2020.  Executive consultant, Life on Purpose coach, and concert promoter Ricardo Flores-Clar launches an unique initiative to provide the San Antonio community with 'Concerts with Purpose', the first of which is 'A Cele…

South African Crowdfunding Platform successfully funds 3 Entrepreneurs

Three South African Entrepreneurs now have a reason to smile.  The crowdfunding platform has enabled them to link up with investors to fund their business dreams. Collectively the three projects raised R19 795. The smallest investmen…

Chris Adams to endorse Weisse Hugel; Handover of guitar in Scotland; DyNaMik Records Ltd to represent Weisse Hugel in Ireland and UK territories

DyNaMik Records Ltd are very pleased, delighted and honoured to announce their association and representation of Weisse Hugel . DyNaMik Records are now representing Weisse Hugel in …

Foreclosure Mediation Program Is Not Much Help Homeowners - Sympathy Gift Baskets

Sympathy Gift Baskets foreclosure mediation program was announced with much hype in nevada with the passage of assembly bill 149 in 2009. But not much has helped owners. One of them is emiliano passillas. He bought a new house in 2006 - this was his first single family centers. Sympathy Gift Baskets but five years

Playing field: People pick

Any way you slice it. The essential ingredient to the sports patron. Supporter, spectator It is, after all. Who’s a fan of many thingsThe fan appreciates the essence of the action. Inspired, thrilled and excited and becomes. Well, fanatic Ardent fan is the apple of the eyes of all athletes. But it is too often

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